One morning I just decided to climb Mt. Kalugong. I stayed in La Trinidad for a week, my host recommended that most of their visitors hike from their place to Mt. Kalugong Echo park. It has become popular lately for hiking enthusiasts because the way to the top is paved with concrete. You can even bring a car going up!

This place is not hard to find. From Baguio City take a jeepney from Baguio public market. 12 minutes or about 300 meters from┬áLa Trinidad’s municipal hall in Brgy. Cruz is the road leading to the mountain.

Even for beginner hikers the ascend is not that difficult. The concrete roads and colorful houses makes the trek worth while. Several residential houses lined the area, there were even spots overlooking La Trinidad.

It took me about 1 hour to get there. I was met with a security personnel to pay 100 pesos as an entrance fee. We chatted for 10 minutes then I explored the area.

Rock composition is mostly limestone and you’ll mostly see rock formation on top. I’ve seen photos of people trying to get the edge of the rocks and make La Trinidad as their back drop. But I guess unless you have a steady tripod you’ll be able to get good photos. There are picnic areas by the way if you wish to bring food and a cafe if you need to stay a little longer.

Road Leading to Mt Kalugong

Mt Kalugong La Trinidad Benguet

Mt Kalugong Benguet

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