My blogging experience started in 2004. It was an online journal documenting my daily adventures – some fun, others nonsense.

I made a few bucks out of it and the largest writing job I had was worth 24 dollars – not a lot I know.  But at some point I realized, putting up a personal blog detailing my routine didn’t make sense anymore. I had to stop. So I deleted it. I still wanted to write, to document things worth sharing.

In 2008 I registered a new blog dedicated to fashion. I like fashion but I’m not obsessed with it (anymore). What I like about fashion is the ability to transform art into wonderful couture pieces, into avant garde collection, into something wearable. My biggest challenge is not finding my own voice that will translate my blog into a whole new level.

THIS TIME I WANT TO CREATE! I want to share my creation, my travels, and my knowledge to the world. This life is exciting, let’s go, join me as I create new adventures!