Just few weeks after my 13-year stay in Manila, I went home and came back with friends and I wonder how GAP Farm would look like after so many years.

It used be a popular field trip destination for grade school kids maybe because there were not a lot of decent places back in the 80’s and 90’s. It was also closest to our barangay when back then jeepneys going to the downtown area were limited.

Their main attraction are the big concrete Carabao at the entrance and the Japanese carved tunnel – as scary pursuits for kids – and a huge marble imprint of the “Land of Promise.”

Land of promise signifying the the rich biodiversity and natural resources of Mindanao.

Gap Farm Davao

They also have life-size concrete animals  where children can enjoy, a picnic area where you can dine (yes, you can bring food inside), a swimming pool, life size statues of Philippine presidents.

There are life-size statues of people representing different tribes of the Philippines as well. A restaurant if you don’t feel like bringing your own food and a play ground in the orchard.

This 10-hectare farm is mostly planted with fruit trees but only half of the area were fully developed according to one of the employees.

There isn’t much to do but to spend the day away from the busy downtown area. They do not have overnight accommodation nor a tour guide to help you around but you are free to explore the farm.

Gap Farm Davao

How to get here

It’s hard to commute because this is along diversion in Ma-a and there are no buses nor jeepneys in the area. Just take a cab from anywhere in the city -it’s only about 15-minute from the downtown area.

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