We once purchased a roundtrip plane ticket from the Philippines to Busan because it was cheaper.
And so the goal was to travel from Busan to Seoul and back. You cannot miss Seoul especially when you are traveling to South Korea for the first time so we had to go to Seoul!

You have 3 options (1)by train – KTX train or Korail, (2)by bus, or (3) by plane. KTX or the fast train was the obvious choice for us considering the our arrival at 8:50PM. The last train departs at 22:30 (Korea time). I mean who doesn’t want to experience this train after watching the movie “Train to Busan”?

Where to buy KTX tickets?

  1. You can pre-book KTX tickets online 1 month before you arrive in Busan. Pre-booking online is really convenient but the drawback would be airline delays plus your travel time from Gimhae International Airport to Busan train station may cost you more.
  2. Purchase at Busan train station. I would recommend this option because no matter the time of your arrival, you can go to the counter, select your travel time and wait for boarding.

How much does does a KTX ticket cost?

Approximately 81.00 USD (about 3,900 PhP)

How long does it take to travel from Busan to Seoul on KTX?

KTX high speed train runs a speed of 300 kms. per hour, you’ll arrive in Seoul in approximately 3 hours. No doubt the best decision we had to travel from Busan to Seoul.

Where to buy Korail tickets?

Similar to KTX ticket you can pre-book KTX tickets online or purchase at Busan train station.

How much does a Korail ticket cost?

A Korail or intercity train ticket starts at 39USD (about 1,800 PhP)

How long does it take from Busan to Seoul on Korail or Intercity train?

Approximately 5 hours as this one runs on a slower speed that the KTX train.

Time Table for KTX and Korail Trains.

Click here for more details of train schedules.

How to Travel by Plane from Busan to Seoul?

Domestic flights on Jeju Air, Jin Air, Korean Air, T’Way Air, Air Seoul or connecting flights on Korea Air and Asiana via Jeju Island will take you from Busan (Gimhae International Airport) to Seoul (Gimpo International Airport).

How to Travel by Bus from Busan to Seoul?

Take a bus from Busan Central Bus Terminal to Seoul Express Bus Terminal in Gyeongbu. Depending on the traffic, you’ll arrive Seoul in approximately 5 hours. Price range is between 21 USD (1,000 PhP) to 40 USD (2,100 PhP).

What is the best mode of transportation from Busan to Seoul?

Choose the mode of transportation that will fit your time and budget.

The train was best for me because I was able to see a glimpse of South Korea’s countryside without spending too much time on the road. Had I stayed longer I would have considered taking the bus when I went back from Seoul to Busan.