A highway overpass that is pedestrian-friendly which has become popular amount tourists and localsalike. In winter of 2018, I stayed in Seoul for 21 days and that was the only time I’ve heard of Seoullo 7017 Skygarden. I heard about shoppers

As soon as you step out the Lotte Mart and right in the middle of the street is one of the entry points of Seoullo Skygarden. If you are traveling during the cold season, do not look for an overpass garden with colorful flowers or green plants. Look for a stairway that will lead you to the bridge.

How to go to Seoullo 7017 Skygarden?

Just outside the Seoul train station, cross the street and you’ll see a pathway going up to the bridge.

If you are coming out from Lotte Mart, this is going to be your view.

You know you have arrived when you see this stairway. And yes, it’s in the middle of the streets!

The plants during winter is well preserved except for pine trees which stood gloriously even when its cold. So imagine coming here during summer or spring!

Right in the middle of the street overlooking buildings, moving vehicles, pedestrians, and train tracks!

This café in the middle of Seoullo Skyway is a has a rooftop if you want a different view around the area.